Sunday, July 8, 2012

When I see Heaven, this is what I see...

Heaven is a big red barn complete with hayloft, cows, horses, chickens, turkeys, sheep, goats, and a pig named Wilbur.

Heaven is a picket fence lining green pasture and wildflowers.

Heaven is a dirt road off a dirt road where the stars shine at night and I can see the Milky Way with only my eyes. 

Heaven is a farm house with a wraparound porch complete with porch swing and day lilies next to the front steps. 

Heaven is having all the windows open all the time with the wind blowing through white linen curtains and Beethoven in the background.

Heaven is hearing the rain hit a tin roof and knowing that I will not get wet.

Heaven is a screen door that creaks when it opens to let me know I have visitors and creaky wood floors that invites them in

Heaven is sitting down to write the words of a poem that came to me while laughing. 

Heaven is an old familiar book with yellowed pages and notes in the margins. 

Heaven is a wool braided rug on the floor in front of a brick fireplace with fresh wood and a rocking chair draped with a knitted afghan.

Heaven is an old oak tree with a tire swing and small children laughing and giggling as they climb and swing.

Heaven is a garden with fresh vegetables that are served for dinner every evening on a homemade table passed down through the family that still has my son’s named etched into the side.

Heaven is slipping on a pair of worn leather boots that fit just right to go out and do the milking before the sun comes up.

Heaven is hearing a rooster crow to every sunrise and knowing that today still holds new promises and adventures.

Heaven is crawling into bed at the end of a busy day underneath my favorite quilt next to the man I love, and having to slide over in the middle of the night for small visitors that cannot sleep by themselves.

Heaven is sipping a hot cup of coffee in the mornings and watching dew sparkle on the grass when the sunlight hits it. 

Heaven is watching a game of tag and still being able to get up and kiss cuts and scrapes when someone falls and gets hurt.  

Heaven is sitting down in the evenings and reading to the kids before bedtime.

Heaven is being able to see the seasons change and watch the trees as they turn from green to red and gold.

Heaven is the time when the whole family gets together for a meal and before they eat, thank God for everyone we have.

Heaven is hearing the crunch of snow under my feet and feeling the cold nip on my nose, but knowing that I get to wear a warm woolen coat that fits me just right.

Heaven is watching seeds grow into pink, purple, and red flowers and trees blossom in the spring.

Heaven is picking blueberries with the family and everyone coming home with purple lips.

Heaven is sitting on the porch with a chunk of watermelon and having to sweep up all the seeds afterward.

Heaven is the bluebird that made the nest in the house I built and hung just for her.

Heaven is everything we are blessed with no matter how small and then some.

When I see Heaven, this is what I see.

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