Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Chapter Nine: Was So Fine

“There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.”

Well, we thought we would get through the winter without any significant sickness, but the flu hit us hard this week.  I (Rebecca) am currently the only one that has not gotten sick.  The kids started dropping like flies starting last Monday and it is currently Sunday.  By Wednesday, all nine kids were sick with fevers ranging from 99.1 to 104.5.  After a few trips to the walk-in clinic we did confirm that it is, in fact, the flu.  Influenza B to be more accurate.  So, I have been doing what any hippie mama would do- pushing the herbal tinctures, vitamin C by the handful, smothering them with chest rub (that I make!), drinking lots and LOTS of hot herbal tea with our honey in it, and dreaming about warmer days when I can kick them all back outside again.  They have watched more cartoons than I care to admit at this point, and I can’t really fault them for that when they are so sick and miserable right now.