the Apothecary
(Still under construction)

We offer a variety of herbal salves and balms, plus a few other things from our farm.  These are all products that we make and use on ourselves daily.  Salves and balms are made with only natural oils, beeswax, and essential oil.  We do not use any preservative on these as that is unnecessary.   

Pain Balm

First Aid Salve

Sick Kid Balm

Black Drawing Salve

Minnesota Buggy Balm

Lavender Hemp Balm

Hemp Balm

Mommy Baby Balm

Goodnight Moon balm

Super Hippie Balm

Garden Hands Salve

Farm Hands Salve

Lavender Salve

Frank & Myrrh Salve

Rosemary Salve

Beard Oil

Natural Beauty Oil

Baby Oil

Baby Powder

Tooth Powder

Yoga Mat Spray

Pillow Spray

Lavender & Rose Sachets

Charcoal Face Mask

Herbs & Clay Face Mask

Sugar Scrubs

Salt Scrubs

Comfrey Infused Oil

Calendula Infused Oil

St. John’s Wort Infused Oil

Lavender Infused Oil

Arnica Infused Oil

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