Friday, January 29, 2016

Chapter Eight: A New Direction and an Update

This last year has had a lot of excitement.  Last summer, Keith’s job took him to North Dakota to help out in the cleanup for a very large train derailment.  The train derailed early May and he didn’t come home again until almost June.  After that, he was home for a week and gone for a week.  We did go to the farmer’s market regularly, but because of the amount of time that Keith was spending gone, the things we wanted to do on the farm and just the regular maintenance kept falling further and further behind.  The majority of the workload ended up falling to myself, but between trying to keep up with our seven kids, the farmers market, and the farm I just could not keep up.  I let the garden go for the most part.  We still got things like potatoes, tomatoes, some beets, carrots, and turnips, but the large scaled we had planned out the previous winter just did not happen.