Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Dirty Goat Farm is MOVING!

Well…  just when you have resigned yourself to believe that things are going one way…  they change.  And they have changed BIG for us. 

The backstory:  Keith got out of the Army in April of 2011.  We had a plan.  The plan fell through.  When I mean that it fell through, I mean that it took a deep dive down a dark hole and we hadn’t seen it since…  until almost two weeks ago.  But the news seemed too good to be true, so I was being very careful about putting too much hope into it.  That only lasted like two days.  Then I got really excited and my hopes have been up ever since.  We were waiting for a few things to work out though. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

DIY Fleece Blanket

Full size fleece blanket with travel size blanket. 
I have made so many of these blankets, that I have since lost count.  I love them because they are so versatile for people of any age.  When my kids are infants, I can lay one of these on the ground and put them on the floor.  As they get older, they snuggle up with them in bed.  During story time in the evenings, they wrap themselves up in them to stay warm.  And for a few of our kids, they have since taken to them as security blankets and have become inseparable.   I actually had to start making smaller sized blankets so that the younger kids who still insist on having “blankie” in the car with them, don’t have to take a full sized blanket.  Those have been a hit as well. 

They are really easy to make.  No sewing machine required, so anybody can do this.  It takes a little time, but they are definitely worth it.  It takes me about 45 minutes to get a full size one finished, and about 25 minutes to get a travel size blankie made. 

Favorite Fall Pumpkin Recipes

Fall is in the air (or at least it will be soon), and I have already hung my fall wreath on the front door in anticipation.  I always look forward to the fall time…  crisp air, warm sweaters, hot chocolate, red leaves falling…  but one of the things I probably enjoy the most when the season starts to change is the food.  Hm…  I love food. 

And isn’t that the majority of what homesteading is about?  Being able to provide everything you and your family need on your own?  Food is a great big part of that.  It is an essential in life for all of us.  So, do you want food (eh.) or do you want GOOD food??? 

Because I am so in the mood for fall, I am craving pumpkin.  I came up with all kinds of pumpkin things. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe (the most awesome-est EVER)

Tonight I made probably the best cheesecake we have ever eaten.  It takes a little work, but not anymore than to make a strawberry cake or pumpkin pie.  And the results are totally worth it!  

I was able to find end of the season berries at the store, brought home six packages, and within 24 hours only two packages remained.  I figured if I was going to make something with the berries, then I had to do it fast, because I was fighting little fingers from snatching berries the whole time I was baking.  Really though, this recipe would be good with any berry.  Don't limit yourself to just strawberries.  Use what you have!

Graham Cracker Crust Recipe

It will be crumbly once mixed completely

Basic crust recipe.  MUCH better than the store bought crusts and very easy to make!  Use it with any pie just for a little something extra!   Besides, this way you can brag you made it from scratch.

1 ½ cups of finely crushed graham cracker
1/3 cups of sugar
6 tablespoons of melted butter
½ teaspoon cinnamon

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Homemade Chest Rub

A few blogs ago, I said I was not sure how natural Vicks Vapor Rub was.  So, I looked into it…  and technically, it is somewhat of a natural option.  It is actually made from quite a few essential oils with a base of something similar to Vaseline.  However, I am plagued with the do-it-yourselfitis…  and so I found several recipes and then kind of made my own from what I saw.  Google is definitely feeding my addiction.  Besides, at our house we use a lot of Vicks, so this way I can replace it with something that I made knowing full good and well what is in it.   

When my kids see me pull out the Vicks, they actually willingly bring me their socks so that I can rub it on their feet before they go to bed.  It’s like candy for the toes. 

All Natural Skin Care and Remedies

I have been on somewhat of a health kick lately.  It makes for a whole lot of good crunchy herbal information for everybody around me.  So much so that I am calling people up and telling them “Did you know such and such is good for such and such!”  This kind of thing gets me excited.  In my former life, I was a medic in the Army.  I dig medical information even if it is a little…  ahem…  less than mainstream now.  ...And it is less emergent than my previous life.  Going from combat medic to wannabe herbalist is a big transition no matter how you try to swing it.  But the part I love most about it is that I can still manage my family’s health without pumping them full of chemicals to get the job done. 

Pure Olive Oil Soap Recipe (updated)

This is a pure castile soap.  All that means, is that olive oil is the only ingredient besides the lye which causes the saponification.  This is, by far, my favorite soap. Adding a bit of aloe vera and honey to it at trace just kind of takes it up a notch and adds to the nutrient blast your skin recieves when you use it.  I use this all over, including washing my face with it, and I use it on the babies because the soap is gentle enough for even the most senstive of skin.

Pure Olive Oil Soap Recipe
Makes 4 pounds

Lye (NaOH)- 8.15 ounces or 231.05 grams
Distilled Water- 24.32 ounces or 689.46 grams

Olive Oil, pomace grade-  64 ounces or 1814.37 grams

Castile Soap with Hemp Oil Recipe

Castile Soap with Hemp Oil Recipe
Makes 4 pounds

Lye (NaOH)- 9.03 ounces or 255.87 grams
Distilled Water- 24.32 ounces or 689.46 grams

Coconut Oil, 76-  19.2 ounces or 544.31 grams
Palm Oil-  19.2 ounces or 544.31 grams
Hemp Oil-  12.8 ounces or 362.87 grams
Olive Oil, pomace grade-  9.6 ounces or 272.16 grams
Jojoba Oil- 3.2 ounces or 90.72 grams