Farm Eggs

We have had our fair share of challenges when it comes to keeping chickens at our farm. While free range is ideal, we just have too many predators in our woods to keep them alive long enough to lay eggs for us.  We have had coyotes, wolves, bears, fox, raccoons, bald eagles, hawks, AND owls all on our land.  Minnesota is known for the abundance of wildlife after all.  But the poor chickens haven’t stood a chance.  So, knowing that, we gave the remaining few birds to some friends last year while we could come up with a good plan to keep our laying hens happy and SAFE. 

One of our plans for the season 2018 is to build a large chicken coop with a large (but completely enclosed) run for them to be allowed to freely roam but separate from all the wildlife that consider them a tasty snack. 

Keep checking back here for updates while we work on bringing back those wonderful eggs to the farm. 

Update (4-19) We have ordered chicks and planning on building a nice coop with an enclosed run this spring. 

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