Monday, September 3, 2012

DIY Fleece Blanket

Full size fleece blanket with travel size blanket. 
I have made so many of these blankets, that I have since lost count.  I love them because they are so versatile for people of any age.  When my kids are infants, I can lay one of these on the ground and put them on the floor.  As they get older, they snuggle up with them in bed.  During story time in the evenings, they wrap themselves up in them to stay warm.  And for a few of our kids, they have since taken to them as security blankets and have become inseparable.   I actually had to start making smaller sized blankets so that the younger kids who still insist on having “blankie” in the car with them, don’t have to take a full sized blanket.  Those have been a hit as well. 

They are really easy to make.  No sewing machine required, so anybody can do this.  It takes a little time, but they are definitely worth it.  It takes me about 45 minutes to get a full size one finished, and about 25 minutes to get a travel size blankie made. 

So, here are the instructions:

For a full size blanket you will need two different coordinating pieces of fleece.  Ask for 1 ½ yards.
For a travel size blanket you will need two different coordinating pieces of fleece.  Ask for 1 yard.

To make a full size one versus a travel size blanket, you just have to eliminate a few steps, and I will point out which steps those are. 

Step 1- Lay out the pieces of fleece with the “right” side facing outward.  The right side of the material is the side you WANT to see.  So, make sure those face outwards. 
Step 1- Lay out evenly with "right" side facing outwards.

Step 2- After laying them out, one of top of the other evenly, cut off the unfinished edges.  Those are the edges that have not been trimmed or cut yet.  Don’t worry too much about all the sides being totally even.  Once you start tying the ends, it won’t matter too much.  
Step 2- Cut off unfinished edges. 

Step 3- Take the corner of one end, and fold it over to make a triangle.  This will show you were the even square line is.  Then cut along that line (just follow right alongside the folded material).   For a full size blanket, eliminate this step.  You want the full length for a bigger blanket. 
Step 3- Fold over corner to make a square for travel size.

Step 4- Unfold your square, then cut out a six inch square from each of the corners. 
Step 4- Cut out a six inch square from each corner.

Step 5- Cut strips about 1 ½ inches wide until it is even with the squares you took out from the corner.  Go all the way across each side on all four sides. 
Step 5- Cut 1 1/2 inch strips even with squares edges.

Step 6- Start tying the strips you just cut.  To get the coordinating material strip to show on top, you take the strip underneath in the right hand.  Then take the right hand’s strip over the left hand, and pull underneath.  Pull the coordinating color up when you tie it.  Be firm when tying the knots.  Make sure you tie each not twice to set them.
Take bottom layer in right hand.
Take right hand over the left hand.
Pull through.
And pull up.

Step 7- After you have tied everything, pick the blanket up and stretch out each side firmly.  This will help set each of the knots just a little more. 

Finished blanket, bottom side!

Finished blanket, top side!

And then you are done!  So easy! 

Each one of my kids have their own blankets, and then two of them (so far) have two travel size blankie each.  These make really great gifts for people at Christmas or for a new mom-to-be. 
Fleece can run anywhere from $6 to $15 a yard.  Personally, I just do NOT go to a material store unless they are having a really great sale on something I need, or I have a really great coupon.  So, one of these blankets can cost anywhere from $10 to $30 depending on what you get.  Some stores also have kits to make these.  I made one once, and I just was not as happy with it as I was just cutting out and measuring my own. 
Get ready for the fall and cooler weather!  Make a blanket or two! 

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